Our Mission

The Lock N Load Feed Bucket is the most durable and innovative fence feeder bucket in the world today. 
I have been a horse owner for over 20 years and something that always frustrated me was replacing and retrieving broken feed buckets from the field.  Not only did they break and fall off the fence but they required screws and drills to move to other areas. Damage to my fence and a danger to my livestock I knew I had to find a solution.  I researched the market and the internet to no avail.  I decided to improve all the negative aspects of what  was available and create the best fence feeder bucket on the market today.
Over the last three years I have tested and made improvements to the bucket and am proud of the final product.  Made of a thicker Medium Density Poly-Ethylene material makes it extremely resistant to breakage in extreme hot and cold temperatures. It’s open front design makes it easy for any animal to access. What makes this bucket really unique is the patented Lock N Load attaching system.
Using a patented stud bolt system it allows you attach the bucket to any wood or metal fence 1/4″-2″ in thickness as well as a metal gate. No tools required, no damage to your fence, can be moved in seconds, and best of all no retrieving broken buckets from the field.
The bucket weighs 4.5 lbs withe dimensions of 14″x11″x11″.  It comes with a 1 year full replacement warranty and is made in the USA.